Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano



- Due to Archduchess Claudia de’ Medici’s enacted privilege the Mercantile Magistrate, the predecessor of today’s Chamber of Commerce, was established.
- The newly built Mercantile Museum provides visitors with information about the role of the Mercantile Magistrate at that time


- With imperial resolution the Chamber of Commerce and Industry was founded.
- In Italy the Chambers of Commerce emerged from the middle of the 19th century.


- The Chamber of Commerce of Bolzano was subjected to the Italian Chambers of Commerce System.


- With the Statute of Autonomy the competency for the administration of the Chambers of Commerce of Bolzano and Trento was assigned to the Region Trentino – Alto Adige.
The contemporary Chamber of Commerce System is based on the following three documents:
a) Decree of the President of the Republic No 1017 of 1978 of the enacted implementation measures for the Statute of Autonomy
b) Regional Law No 7 of 9 August 1982
c) Federal State Law No 580 of 29 December 1993

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