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Food Label Check

Create a label draft

With Food Label Check it is possible to quickly create a bilingual label draft for solid products composed of more than one ingredient. Food Label Check calculate for each combination of ingredients, quantity and production loss a update label draft that includes:

  • highlighted of allergen,
  • list of ingredients in decreasing order;
  • quantity percentage of the ingredients that are highlighted in the advertising,
  • nutritional declaration,
  • nutritional claims that can be used in the advertising,
  • different printable format of the label with minimum dimension of the character in pdf file,
  • bilingual version of the label.

The number of Recipes and calculation is unlimited.

Through this process is possible to quickly fulfill the requirements of the Regulation UE Nr. 1169/2011, regarding the information of the consumers about the food products, and the Regulation EU Nr. 1924/2005, regarding the application of nutritional claims like for example “low fat”.

In case an ingredient is missing in Food Label Check it is possible to request the upload. In order to do that it is necessary to provide to us the technical data sheet of the product. In this way is made possible the gathering of the nutritional values of regional products. At the same time, using Food Label Check, you are able to benefit of the 2.789 raw materials, 1.193 semifinished products and 370 additives currently gather in it. (Status July 2017)


Food Label Check

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