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Information, advice and documents for foreign trade

During the preparation, conclusion and processing of foreign business transactions, small and medium-sized enterprises in particular are confronted with diverse and complex issues. The Internationalisation Department of the Bolzano Chamber of Commerce provides information, advice and support in the form of technical foreign trade consultancy, a wide range of information and targeted further training on the subject of exports and internationalisation in cooperation with the WIFI.

The Foreign Trade Documents section also issues foreign trade documents such as the Certificate of Origin, the A.T.A. Carnet and others.

The Bolzano Chamber of Commerce is subscribed to a number of credit agencies and company databases and can therefore provide company information and address lists for domestic and foreign customers.

For further export services such as information events, fairs, business trips, delegation visits, sales cooperations, coaching and consulting and tailor-made export projects you can contact IDM South Tyrol - Export Services.

EEN - Enterprise Europe Network

The Bozen/Bolzano Chamber of Commerce is a partner of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), Europe‘s largest consultancy and information network for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The network, which comprises around 3000 experts in more than 60 countries, points its focus on cooperation and the development of new markets, access to EU funding and programmes, technology transfer and the search for strategic partnerships for small and medium-sized enterprises with international ambitions in the EU and beyond.

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EEN - Enterprise Europe Network

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Foreign trade documents

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